Don’t panic, but what’s your contingency plan?

If you’re facing a downturn in your business because of COVID-19, the next few months may seem too bleak to survive. As we look around us, we’re seeing our friends and partners’ businesses taking a real hit. We want you all to know we can help!

We’ve developed a quick-response consulting method giving you a marketing contingency plan to keep you moving. Because we recognize that time and budget are of the essence, we’re offering this service for $2000 or $1600 for nonprofits, small businesses, and startups.

What’s included:

  • Brand consultation
  • Market and competitor review
  • Audience evaluations with 3-5 developed personas
  • Assessment of current business practices, products, and offerings
  • Quick-fire marketing contingency plan

If you’d like to chat more about this, please give us a call or email us. We’re here Monday through Thursday, 9:30-5:30p CST.

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