Do you have vendors or partners?

By: Keisha Whaley, CEO I have a pretty thick skin. Growing up in my body in a town like I did, you had to, and it’s come in handy professionally on many an occasion. Still, there’s one thing I can’t stand… …being called a “vendor.” I come from the branding, advertising, marketing world at large. […]

The Reckoning

By: Keisha Whaley, CEO A reckoning is happening. We have seen person after person, business after business, be forced to confront their inequities over the last several years. What’s been interesting from my perspective is how protected my industry has been. Ad agencies, marketing and PR firms have helped their clients navigate these waters, but haven’t had […]

Take a Leap

By: Keisha Whaley, CEO If I had a nickel for every time I heard someone say, “I’m too old to make a change,” I’d be a rich woman. This year, for many, they’re forced into making many changes—careers, homes, habits—and this can be absolutely terrifying. I could also collect nickels for every time someone’s told […]

FINALISTS ANNOUNCED: D CEO’S Nonprofit and Corporate Citizenship Awards 2019

“After four long judging sessions, wading through nearly 400 nomination forms, and spirited discussions among D CEO editors, we have named finalists in our 2019 Nonprofit and Corporate Citizenship Awards program, presented in partnership with the Communities Foundation of Texas. The North Texas nonprofit and philanthropic scene is one of the broadest, deepest, and most […]

The Nest Helps Southern Dallas Entrepreneurs ‘Take Flight’

Business in Southern Dallas has been historically overlooked and underserved. Comerica Bank’s new interactive pitch competition included a three-minute pitch of each team’s idea, followed by a Q&A. Cash prizes were handed out to the top three presentations, with $10,000 going to the winner, Brass Tacks Collective! Read more about our experience here.

The Leather Year

By: Keisha Whaley, CEO Three years and a lifetime ago, I started an agency. Or, rather, I turned my full time focus to starting an agency. March 9th, 2016, I spent my first day without a salary from another company; without someone on-boarding me in my new role; without anywhere to be when I got […]